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Sign up to our newsletter!

Welcome back to our blog! 

Now that the UK restrictions are slowly easing we are seeing more people going out and about again and shopping in the highsteets. As someone who lives in a small town full of small independent shops I am glad about this, even if it does mean less people are shopping online at the moment! 

Whilst it's gotten quieter it has given me time to work on the Hello Chestnut website and improve some aspects of our online shopping experience. 

I am happy to tell you all that we have set up a brand new email newsletter to keep all of our lovely customers up to date with our latest news, products and offers! 

If you'd like to receive these updates you can sign up through our green newsletter sign up box that will pop up once you enter the website.

I hope you enjoy the newsletters! We are always continuing to work on way of making the customer experience the best it can be on Hello Chestnut ♡

Thanks for reading!

Polly x

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