Soy Wax - And Why You Should Choose It

Soy Wax - And Why You Should Choose It

Over the last 5 years, wax melts have really made an appearance and become popular across many homes. To be fair, you can see why - who wouldn't want their home to smell of apples and honeydew melon with strawberries and pears, are opposed to any old cleaning product?! (And by the way, if you like the sound of this one, check out our Butt Naked snap bar!) If you're a wax melt fan, you will have noticed that many of the melts on the market are made of soy wax. Traditional candles and melts are made from paraffin wax - but there's actually plenty of reasons why you should try and avoid it.

It's widely known that our fossil fuels are running out, and things like oil and coal won't be around forever. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum, a non-renewable energy source. However, soy wax is made from soybeans, which are renewable since we are constantly growing more. If you're a candle or wax melt lover, then this is an easy way for you to do your bit for the environment!

Another benefit of soy wax is that you're actually getting more for your money. Soy wax is more dense than paraffin wax, meaning that it takes longer to melt away and therefore keeping that lovely fragrance alive in your home for longer. Soy wax also has a lower melting temperature meaning that it's much safer in the event of a spill - especially for people with young children or pets. Soy wax is also easier to clean up if an accident does happen.

Another downside to paraffin wax is that it leaves a considerable amount of soot. This can be damaging to paint on the walls, curtains and furnishings - not something that anyone would be pleased with! This is also in the air when the candle is burning, which you definitely don't want to be breathing into your lungs. There are several carcinogen compounds found in paraffin, so you can imagine why a clean wax like soy is a much safer alternative. 

And if this hasn't convinced you so far - soy wax is also cheaper! This is because it's cheaper to produce, so many companies are choosing to work with it over paraffin wax. For example, our snap bars are just £2.50 for a bar of five, a very competitive price compared to some of the paraffin melts on the market.

Overall, soy wax is better for the environment, better for your home and your health, cheaper, better value for money - what's stopping you?!

We decided to introduce a beautiful range of Wax Melts to our website to compliment our home decor range. We believe that a home should not only look beautiful, but smell beautiful too! There's over 20 scents to choose from - drop us a comment to let us know your favourite.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting products this week!

Millie x

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