Hi everyone - and welcome to Hello Chestnut. My name Is Polly and I'd like to share abit about myself and Hello Chestnut with you.

Hello Chestnut was founded in April  2019 by the lovely couple Millie and Christian. They did an amazing job at establishing and building up the business. However later in the year they decided to begin a new venture and fulfil their dreams of opening up a coffee shop in Bath, UK - Kekelo Coffee. 

I had been a member of staff for Hello Chestnut for a very short time at this point, so I couldn't believe it when they asked me to take over the company! 

It has always been my dream to have my own home decor and gift business! So of course I was ecstatic! 

When i was 18 I started up a small home decor and gift  business by purchasing items and advertising them on social media. As much as I enjoyed doing it, unfortunately after a few months I had to finish it as I simply didnt have the time with my college course I was attending at that point. 

Then at 19 I started working at my local toyshop in Halesworth, Suffolk which I absolutely loved, as you can imagine it was so much fun! I worked here for 6 years, until this year in September 2019 I sadly had to leave due to medical reasons. 

I have an eye condition called Uveitis which causes problems with my vision, and this year especially it caused me many issues which resulted in me not being able to stay on at the Toyshop due to having to take lots of time off. 

I had always thought that my best option for me personally would be to run my own business where I can work my own hours and give myself time off if needed. And now the best thing has finally happened!

I am so excited to begin my new venture running Hello Chestnut! I aim to work hard to make it the best it can be, and offer the most beautiful home decor and gift items! 

I am so thankful for your support and hope that you can find something special on Hello Chestnut to brighten up your home!

Much love

Polly x