10-12cm Unopened Calcite Geode

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This Calcite Geode makes a unique gift idea for your more spiritual friends and family members.

A beautiful Geode filled with Calcite and Quartz crystals from Morocco, straight from mother earth. Geodes produce a beautiful, mesmerising sight when cracked open. Opening them is easy, they are more hollow than other geodes and therefore break open easier. They also tend to produce more crystals

A geode is a round rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals. Rocks which are completely filled with small compact salenite crystal. Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate. Calcite is thought to amplify thought, improve memory and intellectual capacity; promote mental growth and development.

Receiving this geode whilst still unopened means that you can be the first human to see the treasure inside.

Please note that this is a natural crystal so the size, shape and colour of the product you will receive may differ slightly from the product shown in the image.

Dimensions approx 10-12cm.