Carrot Puree & Buttermilk Lemongrass Soap Bar

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Clean and refresh your skin with this carrot puree and buttermilk lemongrass scented handmade artisan soap bar straight from France. 

After a long, stressful day treat yourself to some me time and have a good freshen up with this handmade cold process soap bar. A gentle scent which nourishes the skin, with the exotic aroma of lemongrass to leave you smelling gorgeous and feeling squeaky clean.

Made with essential oils and shea butter to be kind on your skin. The bar is formulated to produce a luxurious, creamy leather on your skin that wont strip your skin of it's natural and beneficial oils. 

You will recieve 1 bar which comes packaged in a paper bag to make for a sweet gift for a family or friend. 

Each bar weighs 100g. 

Paraben, palm oil and animal cruelty free.