Charcoal & Grey Alder Wax Melt Snap Bar

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A sweet 'charcoal & grey alder' scented wax melt snap bar. 

A silver-grey alder with gentle birch wood scent opens to mingle with aromatic fourgere accords, black pepper, revitalising eucalyptus and mint underlined with gentle smoky woods, vetiver and fresh cut cedar, with sheer musk to complete the blend. This snap bar is black and white and packed with mica to add some colour to your burn

Handmade from high quality 100% eco soy vegan friendly wax, this snap bar has ingredients that are ethically sourced and is free from animal cruelty. 

The bar can be snapped into small chunks, allowing you to get the most out of your wax melt. Pop 1 or 2 chunks into your wax burner. Using 1 chunk is best if you're wanting a slightly lighter scent throw or you're melting it in a small/enclosed room. Whereas 2 chunks will give a stronger scent throw and be better suited for use in larger/open rooms. 

Scent throw is estimated to last between 12-16 hours per 2 chunks, so each bar should last approximately 45-50 hours in total. 

1 bar weighs approx 50g.