Children's Wooden Easel Board With Shelf

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Give kids a place to explore their creativity with this wooden easel board with a shelf!

Every budding artist needs a place to let their imagination run wild. With both a whiteboard and a blackboard, Its ideal for creating pictures, making notes, leaving messages, practicing writing and drawing and much more! A great way to encourage development and creativity in your little ones.

Easy wipe clean feature, once your kids have finished having fun drawing you can just wipe over it and it is instantly ready to use again. 

Made from natural wood, the board has a whiteboard on one side and can be flipped over to reveal a blackboard. It has a shelf at the bottom to organise their art supplies and includes pens and magnets.

Please note that as this is made from natural wood the colour and style may vary with each item. 

Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Dimensions: H46cm x W42cm x D6cm.