Set Of 3 Martini Bath Bombs

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It's Amazing But True... now you can really chill out to a fizzing cocktail bath. Get totally soaked, by dropping a G&T bath bomb in your bath.

This set of 3 Martini Bath Bombs contain the finest scents of all your favourite cocktail mixes. The set includes 1 x Champagne, 1 x Prosecco and 1 x Pink Cava.

A perfect on trend gift for any lover of the popular alcoholic drink. A celebratory gift,  ideal for weddings, birthdays, Christmas or as an alternative to the beverage itself.

These bath bombs are a pure luxury, with all the added benefits of a bath bomb - you will feel clean, relaxed, and happy they've you've just bathed in a cocktail!

Box dimensions: H6.5cm x W21cm x D6.5cm.